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Central Texas Permaculture Professionals

The following permaculture designers, teachers, and apprentices may be available to consult, teach, or speak about permaculture or any other topic listed in their bios. You’re welcome to contact any of these individuals directly.

TAELOR MONROE handles publicity and admin roles for the Austin Permaculture Guild and organizes and teaches at the permaculture design courses and workshops advertised here. Her home base is at the Whole Life Learning Center where she works to transform the space into a full functioning permaculture design with Caroline Riley.

She got the Permablitz events off of the ground in Central Texas in January 2013 and still manages and organizes these informational workshops and volunteer events. She previously helped start a Permaculture centered intentional community titled Sacred Roots in San Marcos, TX. She has studied Permaculture design under Kirby Fry, Caroline Riley and Dick Pierce. Her top most goal is to create community and educate others about regenerative permaculture design and practice. You

can contact Taelor at (214) 448-6428 or monroe DOT taelor AT gmail DOT com

CAROLINE RILEY is a Texas native who grew up in the garden and free ranging on the Texas coast with her family. She discovered permaculture design while living in Colorado in 2004 and soon incorporated the ethics and principles into her Montessori classroom as a foundation to learn from nature with youth.

Today she owns the Whole Life Learning Center with her husband which is where she focuses her creative efforts, working to create and maintain a permaculture education center for people of all ages in Austin, Texas.

With a passion for experiential learning and creative design, Caroline instructs Permaculture Design Courses through Austin Community College and the Austin Permaculture Guild every Fall and Spring semester.

Caroline founded One World Permaculture in 2010 with the mission to connect and serve people worldwide through the study and practice of permaculture design ethics and principles. OWP collaborates and inspires to create integrated regenerative community, ecology and economy.

Caroline has studied permaculture with many great instructors, including Geoff Lawton, Warren Brush, Judd Hobbs, Kirby Fry, Dick Pierce and more. Her goal is to create a unique learning opportunity for her students from her vast experience.

When not at the learning center Caroline can be found searching out cool waters for swimming and enjoying the retreat of her South Austin home with her family.

She offers design and consulting through One World Design. Contact Caroline at caroline DOT riley DOT carberry AT, 512-217-0661

KIRBY FRY is a permaculture teacher and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience throughout central Texas and Guatemala. He worked with the Peace Core in Guatemala planting trees and building earth works. He received his own PDC with Bill Molli

son in North Texas during a 5 week intensive course. Since then he has been spreading permaculture far and wide by speaking at and organizing events, and helping other create their own permaculture design and implementing it on their property. He has maintained a permaculture design on his own property for the past 15 years that includes earthworks, ponds, a straw-bale house and a grey and black water system. Contact Kirby at kirbyfry9 AT gmail DOT com, or 512-663-9538.

PATRICIA MICHAEL has over 20 years of experience using a whole-systems approach to ecological design to produce systems that are ecologically sound and economically viable. She was trained by Bill Mollison and is a Vice-Chancellor in the International Permaculture Academy. Her specialties include landscape and site design, landscape management, “green” commercial buildings, livable subdivisions, land use planning, and organizational dynamics and development. She is also a permaculture educator and trainer, with more than 20 deliveries of the full Permaculture Design Certificate course. She teaches organic landscape design at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Please visit her website, You can contact her at 512-291-4300 or Patricia AT PatriciaMichaelDesign DOT com.

GARY FREEBORG worked in the field of sleep electrophysiology at University and Government research labs in the 1970s and early 1980s. In 1982, while he was conducting independent sleep studies by night, his passion for the land led him to work by day for one of the oldest and most respected Native Plant Nurseries in Texas, The Lowrey Nursery. From there he spent six years at Armand Bayou Nature Center, an 1800-acre nature preserve. There he was involved with all aspects of native plants and animals, habitat restoration, organic gardening, environmental interpretation and non-profit fund raising. He then moved to Austin TX, where he and two brothers acquired land and began exploring organic and Biodynamic agriculture, growing native trees, produce and mushrooms. An intensive Permaculture course with Bill Mollison in ’95 began a process of bringing a wide range of disciplines together with the goal of healing the land by jump-starting nature’s own cycles. His company, BioDiversity, offers large and small landowners a wide variety of revolutionary strategies to bring vibrant health back to the land, and increase the biodiversity in soil, plant and animal communities through consulting, education and research. Contact Gary at, biodiversity AT sbcglobal DOT net, or 512-917-1205.

THERON BEAUDREAU is a Permaculture Diploma Mentor with Gaia University and Registered as a Permaculture Design Certificate Teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Theron has over 10 years of experience in permaculture design and has taught and consulted with experts in a verity of climates throughout the world. Currently he is the managing director of Pineywoods Permaculture, a burgeoning Holistic Design Education Center in Douglass, Texas. Commited to living his Ethics and sharing his Passions, to quote a student: “Theron is an engaging teacher and inspiring mentor. He empowers his students to teach each other through thoughtful facilitation and creative activities.” Learn more about Theron’s approach to teaching here: Contact Theron directly at theron AT eco-pioneers DOT org

DICK PIERCE taught Permaculture and gardening in central Texas and New England for many years. He is now retired and lives in Florida with is wife. He counts Geoff Lawton and Patricia Allison among his permaculture teachers. Dick’s experience includes working on farms, working with Native American tribes across the US, and running a greenbuilding program for young people at American Youthworks, a non-profit high school in Austin. Dick was born and raised in New England but has called Central Texas home for the past 10 years. One of his current passions is the “Citizen Gardener” program, aimed at promoting food self-sufficiency in Austin through gardening. Contact Dick at, dickpiercedesigns AT gmail DOT com, or 512-992-8858.


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