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The Permablitz originally started in Australia. They were originally created to help individuals realize their own permaculture designs on their own property with help from the community.

We have co-opted this idea and expanded it to spread permaculture design as far and wide as possible while keeping the community involved and informed. Everyone can learn skills and knowledge while helping others have a flourishing and functional edible forest or garden of their own.

These workshops are meant to reach out to the community by joining together skilled and like minded volunteers to build public and residential perennial food gardens and food forests.


The Austin Permaculture Guild has hosted one permablitz a month starting in January of 2013 with a break for the hot summer months. We are striving to have an equal number of public and private locations. So far we have ‘blitzed’ the Austin EcoSchool, Sacred Roots Permaculture Co-op, Kurtis and Linda’s house (very dedicated members to the permie movement), Sunset Valley City Hall, Kealing Middle School, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Quilombo Paixao Permaculture Community, Kirby Fry’s House, Dunbar Neighborhood Gardens, Travis Elementary School in San Marcos, Eastside Memorial High School, and Coyote Creek Farm and Mill.

At each blitz we install one or many berm and swale systems on contour. This system is one of the best pieces of a functioning permaculture design in Texas because it catches and conserves water. We plant these berms with all 7 layers of the food forest system including native and cultivated fruit and nut trees, nitrogen fixing farmer’s trees, shrubs, perennial vegetables and herbs, root crops and vines. We try to use the most drought tolerant and adapted plants to Central Texas that we can find. Some good examples of perennial plants installed are grapes, blackberries, asparagus, and sun chokes to name a few. These systems are the initial steps to growing a self sustaining perennial garden system.

If you would like to submit a request to have a Permablitz on your property or a community space you have a stake in please fill out this form. To read the Permablitz Standard Operating Procedure, to see exactly what hosting entails, click here.


Berm and swale on contour planted with trees and perennials at Sunset Valley Community Garden

These events are also literally being funded by the community. So far we have had about half of all of our expenses paid out of pocket and half from community donations. Ideally all permablitzes should be funded completely by the permaculture community here in Central Texas. If you would like to support our cause please donate, so we can keep these blitzes going! Anything and everything counts!


If you would like to volunteer please email our site admin, Taelor Monroe, at monroe DOT taelor AT gmail DOT com. You can also always just show up, ready to learn and create with us!

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