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Eco Fair

The Eco Fair hosted at HOPE Farmer’s Market

This coming spring we will be celebrating our FIFTH annual Eco Fair!! March 31st. Contact to participate as a booth or a sponsor! 

This past March 25th 2018 was our fourth annual Eco Fair! An event that was birthed in 2014, has been ever advancing and growing!

We believe that the Eco Fair is a fundamental pillar of what we stand for here at Austin Permaculture Guild. It serves as a platform that actively promotes, supports, and connects eco-conscious organizations with people in Austin who want to be involved.  Hosting the Eco Fair creates a space for education of all ages. The bottom line, this is an event that creates a resilient and local Austin, TX.

"Thanks for letting Environment Texas come out to the Hope Farmer's Market this past Sunday. We had a wonderful reception and spread the word about the plight of the bees to a lot of people. We collected 60 photo petitions! Our goal for the summer was 50 and we managed to pass that in one weekend thanks to you and all the people over at Hope. Thanks you so much for the opportunity." - Anthony at Environemnt Texas

"Our biggest event of the year!" - Nat Allister, Manager at HOPE Farmer's Market

"I'm super excited to experience something as wonderful as the Eco-Fair, especially as a sponsor! I know I've said it before, but I really appreciate all the help and collaborations you've done with us so far. I see this blossoming into something even more beautiful in years to come!" - Young Park, Euphoria Music Festival | Sponsor of Eco Fair 2017

Activities and Participants

The past years the following eco organizations attended our event:


Special thanks to our past sponsors:

 Euphoria Festival, TreeHouse, Southstone




"My apprentices gave me feedback that they had a great time at the event and that they thought we should try to potentially have another booth or 2 this spring. " - Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine

Each participant brought a myriad of fun, interactive events. We had a wide array of workshops from informational hanging mushrooms brought by Myco Alliance, seed bombs creations for kids, to educational demos of solar ovens hosted by Solavore. We had events that connected us to nature including a plant walk hosted by Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine. We had free trees given out by Tree Folks. And we had workshops on composting (Austin Resource Recovery) and solar panel installation (Tree House).  And so much more!

Also we had musicians!! The lovely bands Steel Betty and Atash.  


Over the past years we have had some major growth and achievements worth mentioning:

The Eco Fair and Austin Permaculture Guild was on the local news. You can see the clip here.  

We are continuously supported by sponsors mentioned above! 

19k views on our Facebook event!

Lastly, the event has grown in leaps and bounds of attendees and organizations.

We look forward seeing you at our next Eco Fair, March 31st!

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