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The Austin Permaculture Guild hosts multiple Permaculture Design Courses per year. We hold a a two week intensive class for full immersion into the permaculture lifestyle and are in the process of switching to a 6 weekend format class that is ideal for students with a busy schedule. The ‘6 Weekends’ course will start this October.

The Summer 2016 Two Week Intensive Permaculture Design Course dates have been released! Please check out the dates, location and registration information for this class here. You can experience this ground breaking class immersing you in knowledge of how to lead a lifestyle based on the laws of nature, bringing you surplus instead of waste.

Class tour at previous design course

Picture: Melanie Strang-Hardy



8 thoughts on “Design Courses

  1. Alexander Salazar

    Hello im interested in enrolling in the 2015 spring PDC course I was just curious as to how I begin the registration process, thanks any info would help. Have a great day.

  2. taelorpermie

    Hey there Betsy, the two week intensive course is June 1-14th! I am going to post it today. Keep checking back to see it up and you can register! 🙂 Email me if you have anymore questions.

  3. taelorpermie

    Hey there Alexander! I just saw this and don’t check these much because about 95% of these comments are spam. Please go to this link and hit the ‘buy now’ button to register and hold your spot in the course.

    I’ll go ahead and email this info to you as well so I hope you get it! Feel free to email me with anymore questions.

    Thank you,

    Taelor Monroe
    APG Executive Director

  4. Tulsi

    Would there be any advantage to inulaste the soil surface with, say, bags filled with pine needles or even just a tarp to keep as much heat from being lost as possible?

  5. taelorpermie

    Yes, mulching the soil surface is always a good idea. A very wise soil scientist, Elaine Ingam, once said, “Mother Nature abhors bare soil.” The mulch will help stabilize the soil temperature and moisture as well as encourage soil life of the soil food web.

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