Serving the permaculture network in Austin, Texas

Staff Bios


Taelor Monroe handles publicity and admin roles for the Austin Permaculture Guild and organizes and teaches at the permaculture design courses and workshops advertised here. Her home base is at Spirit of the Elms, a permaculture community property in South Austin.

She studied under Caroline Riley, at the Whole Life Learning Center from 2014-2015, where she worked to transform the space into a full functioning permaculture design. She received her permaculture teacher training certificate from Theron Beaudreau in the Fall of 2014. She helped the Permablitz events get started in Central Texas, with Kirby Fry in January 2013. She still helps organize these informational workshops and volunteer events. She previously helped start a Permaculture centered intentional community titled Sacred Roots in San Marcos, TX. She has studied Permaculture design under Theron Beaudreau, Kirby Fry, Caroline Riley and Dick Pierce. Her main focus and drive l is to create community and educate others about regenerative permaculture design and practice. You can contact Taelor at (214) 448-6428 or monroe DOT taelor AT gmail DOT com


Chloe Buzzotta has a background in environmental activism. Her passions include permaculture and intentional community living.  Every day she aims to embody those passions; through her work with Austin Permaculture Guild and other like minded organizations. her studies at Goddard College, and her organization, DIrect Action Valhalla.   

Her path arose during her involvement with the Valhalla Movement, a growing tribe that spreads awareness of alternative living through social media and action!  She quickly began immersing herself in the intentional community world, understanding the importance of community in society.


Caroline Riley is a Texas native who grew up in the garden and free ranging on the Texas coast with her family. She discovered permaculture design while living in Colorado in 2004 and soon incorporated the ethics and principles into her Montessori classroom as a foundation to learn from nature with youth.

Today she owns the Whole Life Learning Center with her husband which is where she focuses her creative efforts, working to create and maintain a permaculture education center for people of all ages in Austin, Texas.

With a passion for experiential learning and creative design, Caroline instructs Permaculture Design Courses through Austin Community College and the Austin Permaculture Guild every Fall and Spring semester.

Caroline founded One World Permaculture in 2010 with the mission to connect and serve people worldwide through the study and practice of permaculture design ethics and principles. OWP collaborates and inspires to create integrated regenerative community, ecology and economy.

Caroline has studied permaculture with many great instructors, including Geoff Lawton, Warren Brush, Judd Hobbs, Kirby Fry, Dick Pierce and more. Her goal is to create a unique learning opportunity for her students from her vast experience.

When not at the learning center Caroline can be found searching out cool waters for swimming and enjoying the retreat of her South Austin home with her family.

She offers design and consulting through One World Design.

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