Serving the permaculture network in Austin, Texas


Austin Permaculture Guild is an educational, networking platform that supports the growth of the permaculture movement in Austin, Texas


Austin Permaculture Guild is an organization that serves the greater central Texas community by connecting people to courses, events, resources, and professionals made accessible to everyone.



  • Facilitating a space where people of color, marginalized communities, all genders and orientations, to feel empowered to restructure existing societal frameworks, regenerate ecosystems, and create content: Accessible resources cultural abundance

APG aims to: 

  • Create a platform that inspires, educates, and connects people and businesses motivated by sustainability
  • Give people the necessary tools to become resilient and self-reliant on their land and in their community through education courses
  • Make permaculture education accessible for everyone regardless of race, gender, or orientation
  • Incorporate the principles and ethics of permaculture into ecological landscapes, economics (such as business models), and social structures (communities, schools, families).


  • Permaculture Design Course Trainings
  • Teacher Trainings
  • Permaculture Potlucks and gatherings
  • Networking and connecting the eco-community of Austin, TX
  • Attending large events to provide a permaculture presence
    • Tabling at the Rising Appalachia Concert
  • Hosting annual events like the Eco Fair at HOPE Farmer’s Market
  • Check out our google calendar to stay updated on eco happenings of Austin, Tx

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